Privacy Policy

This web page is officially operated by and the privacy policy applies to any of the website using the domain We make sure the privacy of all customers and stake holders is protected when using the services. Our privacy policy explains how the personal information is used, how we access the data and your rights regarding the information we collect. Your access and use of the website are an agreement of our policy and terms of usage. Imran Mughal take responsibility of all the data that you share with us including your contact details, address(s), email address, DOB, bank details and etc. The information we collect is used to fulfill your requirements and our commitments to provide you the services you expect from us. It also includes the information you receive from our end for marketing purposes. Imran Mughal may analyze your data and information to provide you with relevant offers and deals accordingly.
We also share your information with third parties or those who are officially affiliated with Imran Mughal and provide services on our behalf or process orders and transacts data for us. The information shared with these third parties is closed and protected under contractual agreements and cannot be shared outside of their domain. We do not sell or disclose any information to any party or individual not associated with us.
Customers have the right to request information about their personal data that Imran Mughal holds onto, if that data is incomplete, incorrect or requires any changing then the client/customer can request to correct or remove the information.