All products purchased from can be exchanged within 30 days only if:

  • The item(s) has a missing accessory or is defected, also in case of wrong size/wrong order/ or any article issue at the time of delivery.
    Customer must notify Imran Mughal within 7 days of receiving their order. Notification can be shared through phone call on official help line or by filling the form available on the website.
  • Products can only be exchanged at any Imran Mughal retail outlet. The tag/label or receipt must be produced intact at the time of exchange whether it is bought from store or online.

Imran Mughal will not refund any item against “cash”.
Refund will only occur on credit/debit card order(s) where customer has cancelled the order before it is processed for shipment. Another scenario is if the article is found defective and it is the only piece available, then Imran Mughal shall refund the amount against the order.

Order Cancellation
Customers must cancel the order at anytime before it is processed for shipment. Imran Mughal has the right to cancel orders if the item is out of stock, the item has pricing errors, the item has defective quality or if the there is any issue with processing the debit/credit card by the financial institution.

Scenarios where exchange is not possible:
Captured below are some scenarios where exchange is difficult or not impossible entirely.

    • Product color may slightly vary from the photographs shown on the website and other platforms due to lighting or source screen, in which case exchange is not possible.
    • Product/article is damaged because of use or tampered, in which case Imran Mughal will not accept it for exchange.
    • Any access fabric that is utilized during the shoot is used for the purpose of media shoots hence if any embellishment is reported missing unless it is mentioned on the website, in this case the article will not be exchanged.
      If the customer accepts the parcel that is damaged or seal is broken, we shall not take responsibility of it.
    • Any article bought from third party vendors, unauthorized dealers or individual sellers shall not be exchanged by us.